The Power of Maya’s “Girls Will Be…” Lists

We love our brand name. We love that it is open-ended and sparks conversations about all the possible things girls can do, and like, and be! And I especially love that my daughter, Maya, is constantly making these amazing lists of all the things she believes Girls Will Be!

My siblings and I created the first list of things Girls Will Be while we were brainstorming brand names. The words flowed fast and furious. Awesome. Unique. Strong. Bold. Smart. Loud. Explorers. Scientists. Active. Tough. Firefighters. Kind. Unexpected. Adventurous. Leaders. So many different things! It was fun and empowering. We thought of all the careers girls can have. All the interests they can pursue. All the characteristics they can have that are often used to describe boys, but not used to describe girls nearly often enough. We wanted our brand to celebrate that there are no limits to what Girls Will Be!

Once I told Maya the concept behind our brand name, she started making lists too. And loving it. And writing more and more lists, typically with a theme and from A to Z (hmm, no idea where she gets her need to organize from!?!). Since she loves sports, her first list covered everything from athletes to goalies to quarterbacks (she never did come up with a good one for “z”). Then she made a list of careers, from astronaut to math teacher to zookeeper. I would find half-written lists around her room, and I only wish I had saved them all (from now on, I will!). She recently gave me this list. I love it because it is so wide-ranging and spontaneous. It has everything from karate kickers to queens (hey, why be the princess when you can be the queen!). From cute to determined to super. It shows the power of telling girls they can be anything they want. They believe it and embrace it!

Girls Will Be…..
by Maya, age 7

mar13 mayas list

A    =  awesome, active and amazing
B    =  boy like and boss
C    =  cute and champs
D    =  determined
E    =  everything
F    =  fliers and firefighters
G    =  great
H    =  home team
I    =  imaginative
J    =  jockeys
K    =  karate kickers
L    =  learners
M    =  models
N    =  nice
O    =  opinionated
P    =  pretty
Q    =  queens
R    =  rapid
S    =  super
T    =  top team
U    =  university
V    =  victors
W    =  winners and wild
X    =  extreme
Y    =  yahoo
Z    =  zookeepers

That’s good stuff! Warms this mom’s heart! Because in addition to being a blog and clothing company, our ultimate goal for Girls Will Be is to help empower young girls to be whatever they want (instead of ever feeling like they need to conform to the narrow definition of “girl” reflected in far too many of the clothes and other products marketed to them). Just starting and naming the company has already done that for my daughter!

While building this company, Maya and I have had so many conversations about being a girl and gender stereotypes. Conversations that I am not sure we would have had otherwise. She now knows beyond a doubt that I believe there are no limits to what Girls Will Be. That has strengthened her own belief that girls can be anything they want. And like anything they want. And wear anything they want. The power of our name (and Maya’s lists) has forever changed the language in our house, and we hope it can do the same for many more families!

Try making a list with your girl. It’s fun and will spark some great conversations between the two of you. Then share your list with us here or on our Facebook page. We’d love to see all the amazing things your girls believe they can be!

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