Tea Collection – Last Days of Summer & Start of Fall

I love seeing all the fall clothes come out!  Here are my top picks “without the girly” from Tea Collection – both great deals from their summer sale on tanks, shorts, and t-shirts AND new fall basics, colorful hoodies, PJs, and graphic t’s from their “Eastern Pop” theme.

We love Tea’s global and travel inspired looks, vibrant colors, super soft fabrics, and high quality.  Most of their girl clothes have too many girly touches for girls like my daughter, but we do always find a few great basics (like this fall’s long-sleeve ribbed shirt and french terry pants).  And we often raid their boys department for some cool looks!

This brand is pricier than some, but the quality is great and they always have great sales (sign up for their emails so you know when the sales start).  So splurge a little or wait for the markdowns, and mix a few pieces your girl loves into her wardrobe!


Many summer styles are 50% off right now, and these picks are still available in most sizes.  This “dressy” (but not too girly) tank top was our favorite tank top of the whole summer from any brand.  We love the colors and really love that they refrained from adding sparkles, ruffles, or pink.  The shorts and graphic t’s are all from their boys department, but we think they work great for girls too.

jul13 tea sale tanks shorts
jul13 tea sale boys
Yellow or White Tank, $10.50 | Shorts, $29.50 [also in olive, red]
Yellow Surfer, $12.50 | Blue Scooter, $14.50 | Green Beach, $14.50



We love this long-sleeve shirt for what it doesn’t have – no bows, rhinestones, ruching, or frilly trim.  It’s hard than it should be to find a shirt like that!  And these pants are a wonderful (and comfortable) alternative to the super skinny pants you see everywhere for young girls. And we love that Tea puts this Woolrich Army Jacket in both the boys and girls sections.

jul13 tea girls
Yellow Long-Sleeve T, $24 [also in indigo] | Gray French Terry Bootcut Pants, $30 [also magenta]
Army Jacket, $55



As we mentioned, we love to raid the boys department at Tea.  They have such fun graphics and bright colors, and we think their modern, slim silhouettes look great on girls too.  The striped hoodie we loved last year is back.  And I’m gonna watch their sales like a hawk, and get my daughter that awesome lightning bolt hoodie as soon as it goes on sale!

jul13 tea boys
jul13 tea boys pjs
Beijing T-Shirt, $29 | Street Racer T-Shirt, $29 | Striped Hoodie, $30 [also orange/gray]
Lightning Bolt Hoodie, $49 | Traffic Jam PJs, $39 | Tiger PJs, $39



  2. omg i <3 this website its so awesome i HATE pink+princesses and everything dainty and frilly and girly and BLEH i shop in the boys section and occasionally find good stuff in the girls but not usually and boys shoes are so big and clunky and i cant wear boys swimsuits and im used to girls sizes

  3. I love this! I have a nine-year-old girl who really digs camouflage shorts and boy T-shirts. She has no tolerance for anything girlie and I’m thrilled to have found this company.

    • Thanks Anne! We are thrilled you found us too!

  4. What a great thing you are doing! My 9 year old tomboy girl shops only in the boy section of the stores. We have had such a difficult time finding things that I’m comfortable with her wearing and what she is comfortable wearing. I am excited for this to be a new kind of line of clothing for the tomboys out there. High Five to you!

  5. I saw an article about your site on CNN, and I love what you guys are doing. I was that girl – tomboyish and more interested in learning new things and having adventures than being girly. Even now as an adult, I prefer the sporty-girl look, something that says I’m feminine but strong.
    Your work inspired me to scope out the kids sections of my own favorite clothing stores – Under Armour and Nike. While there is still pink and a few sparkles, I was happy to see a greater focus on clothing that allows both girls and boys to be active, fun-loving kids. There is plenty of blue, green, and purple gear for girls, too.
    I sure wish you folks had been around when I was a kid! Love the graphics…nice job.

  6. I found out about you in an on-line article, and forwarded it to my husband and daughter. My daughter, almost an adult now, says that you make her very happy. Pink is just about banned by my not-so-little girl, and she has been rebelling against girly and too-grown-up for years. PLEASE continue what you are doing! And carry it through to Junior’s sizes!!!! Just last night, she was complaining that all the beautiful, bold colors are in the boys’ and young men’s departments…

  7. What a great blog and line. My oldest (13) never liked pink girly etc and even now prefers real sleeves, not too tight and still not pink, flowers etc (dark purple has made its way in). Wish it got easier to find clothes as the girls got older, but still find most things are too short, too tight, too pink or slogans too insulting. Hope you keep this up and increase size range as well–we’ll out of the size 12 very soon.

  8. I am in awe of my daughter (and her brothers) everyday. She is strong, creative, unique, intuitive – and sometime wild. When it comes to clothing we have been buying boys tees for a long time. To say I was thrilled to see this site is an understatement. Now that she is in Middle School she is struggling between “looking like the popular girls” and being herself – oh the struggles of middle school. I look forward to seeing more of your unique clothing that is both comfortable, fun, and allows all girls to be who they are. THANKS!

    • Thanks Bridget! I love when our concept resonates with someone and makes shopping for their daughter easier!

  9. Bought that cream colored tank! and a pair of striped capri leggings. Wish I got the top in a size bigger though since she’s already outgrown it.
    Tea has a great selection of girls clothes that aren’t glitter covered

  10. wish you had been around when my daughter was this age! We used to always buy her jeans in the boys’ section because that was the only place to find jeans that weren’t low-slung.

    As your girls get older, I hope you will continue by branching out into other sizes.

    And….the holy grail…..tackle the whole swimsuit issue! Lands’ End does a great job there, but…..still.

    • Julie – ah yes, swimsuits are the holy grail. There is a huge need for more options for girls. We’ve bought Lands’ End rash guards and board shorts for my daughter most years. We usually end up in the boys department to get the colors and themes she wants (most often sharks!).


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