Super Superhero Shirts (and More) for Girls

Like many, I was disappointed to see that the Disney Store is selling Avengers shirts for women that say “I Need a Hero” and “I Only Kiss Heroes,” while the boys Ironman shirt says “Be A Hero.” I have rounded up some superhero shirts (and underwear, PJs, and a swimsuit) that send the opposite message – Girls Will Be superheroes too!  I also encourage you to sign the Miss Representation petition at asking Disney to stop selling these shirts. 

Here is a little more about their petition:

“This sends a harmful message about who can and cannot be a leader in this world. These shirts promote the idea that men and boys are meant to do the saving, and that women and girls are the ones who need to be saved.

We believe that women can be heroes too, and as one of the most recognizable children’s brands in the world, it’s especially important that Disney takes responsibility for the messages they deliver to our youngest and most vulnerable.

Please sign and share this petition to let the Disney Store know: as long they use limiting gender stereotypes to sell their products, we’re #NotBuyingIt!”


Old Navy has a line of superhero t-shirts right now and kudos to them for this “I’m Amazing” Spiderman shirt in their girls department. Given the Girls Will Be style, I don’t normally recommend clothes with pink (not that I have anything against the color, but it just does not fit with our style); but, given the focus on the Avenger shirts, I wanted to highlight a company that got the messaging right. They also sell two Wonder Woman shirts, but one has lots of pink and the other is sparkly. I say raid the boys department for their simple superhero logo shirts. My daughter definitely prefer this “boys” Superman shirt over the version in the girls department with a shiny pink “S” (last I checked, both Superman and Supergirl wore a red and yellow shield on their chest!).

Pink Spiderman, $12.94 | Superman, $12 | Batman, $12


Have you heard of the Chalkboard Tee? This one is shaped like a shield and let’s kids draw their own superhero insignia on it with chalk. Their shirts are unisex, available in sizes 4-12 (adult sizes too!), and come in a rainbow of 16 colors.

There is an online store called SuperHeroStuff that sells a wide variety of kids superhero t-shirts (and other stuff). They have over 20 shirts featuring female superheroes, and although most of them are pink and/or sparkly, I did find these great BatGirl and Wonder Woman shirts. They also have virtually every basic logo shirt you can think of  – from Batman and Superman to Flash Gordon and Aquaman. Love the breadth! Their kid shirts are unisex cut, and available in sizes 2-12.

The Chalkboard Tee, $26.99 | BatGirl, $14.99 | Wonder Woman, $14.99


Here are three more ways for your girl to show off her love of superheroes! DC Comics recently came out with underwear featuring BatGirl, SuperGirl, and Wonder Woman (sizes 4, 6, 8). Once A Mighty Girl featured it on their site, Amazon sold out in hours!  They keep restocking, but it goes fast every time!

These Lands’ End pajamas are in the boys department, but I always wonder why kid PJs even need to have a gender label.  To me, at this age, PJs are about picking out something you love, love, love and getting to wear it every night.  These are long sleeve, so buy a size up and be ready for Fall!  They are on super sale, and still available in sizes 2-16.

Finally, while this swimsuit is not specifically superhero, it sure has that feel.  From OshKosh, sizes 4-12

Superhero Underwear, $11.99 for 7-pack | Long sleeve pajamas, on sale for $12.99 | Swimsuit, $25


  1. I am thankful I stumbled upon your blog. My 9-year-old daughter sounds a lot like your daughter. She is very into superheroes and Star Wars and hates all things pink and sparkly. She even prefers Batman and Superman to Bat Girl or Super Girl because the female heroes often need rescuing by their male counterparts (which I find so annoying). My daughter is adamant that she doesn’t need a hero, she wants to BE the hero.

    Clothes shopping for her is very frustrating because it is so hard to find things she likes without perusing the boys section. She is so tall and skinny that the cut of the boys shirts are ill fitting. I wish manufacturers would wake up and recognize this class of strong girls that want quality clothing featuring things like superheroes, Lego, Star Wars, etc. made to fit them. And that just because they’re girls doesn’t mean their clothes need to be pink and sparkly.

    Thanks for the links you included. We will be shopping for some of your finds, and I am bookmarking your blog for future reference. 🙂

    • Diana – we’re so glad you found us! My daughter has two Superman shirts right now that she wears all the time (from the “boys” department at Old Navy). After years of hearing my daughter say “Why do boys get all the cool stuff,” I decided to do something about it and worked with my siblings to create a line of t-shirts “without the girly” ( I hope all of our links are helpful.

  2. As a comic book enthusiast and having my daughter enjoy the same it is hard to find like you said something not pink or sparkly that would be girls. I have to say like Childrens place shop who is trying to get girls super hero clothes in. But honestly what is wrong with earth tones for girls? Too often Pink is what make it a girls shirt.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks Greg. Old Navy and Target often have superhero t-shirts in their girls department, but almost all of it is pink and/or sparkly, which just does not work for girls like my daughter. Be sure to follow our Pinterest boards, where we pin clothes we find from other brands that fit the Girls Will Be style (including any superhero themed clothes we find) –


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