Girls Will Be is your headquarters for girl clothes without the stereotypical “girly” touches. But exactly how do we define that? All the clothes we design ourselves or recommend from other brands must follow our four style rules.


Colors Beyond Pink

The pinkification of girls clothing has become extreme! While many girls adore pink, many want nothing to do with it. If you eliminate clothes with pink on them (yes, even if it is “just” the stitching or the buttons), the choices become quite limited. And if your girl also doesn’t like purple or pastels, well, you are really in trouble when you shop! We have nothing against those colors, but we get frustrated when those are the only options!  Girls need more clothes in vibrant shades of blue, orange, red, green, and yellow. Expand the color palette! Colors are for everyone!


No Embellishments

Why must virtually every piece of girls clothing have some combination of sparkles, ruffles, bows, lace, ruching, or poofy sleeves? Do they really think all girls want that? Even on basics like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and yoga pants? Can’t clothing companies leave a few things alone so girls like my daughter think it is also okay for them to like things that are NOT frilly and sparkly? Stop embellishing everything!


Imagery That Breaks Gender Stereotypes

Clothes are one way kids express themselves, which is why we get so frustrated with girls clothing departments covered almost exclusively in things like princesses, hearts, flowers, butterflies, and kittens. How limiting! My daughter prefers sharks, baseball, airplanes, skiing, robots, motorcycles, and superheroes. No wonder she often asks me, as we stand in front of side-by-side tables of girl and boy graphic T’s, “Why do boys get all the cool stuff”? Girls need more options when it comes to all things graphic (t-shirts, PJs, underwear, etc.). We don’t ever want a girl to stop liking something because other people label it “for boys only.” Girls interests are unlimited! Stop letting outdated gender stereotypes dictate what they can wear!


Styles That Let Girls Be Kids

Why is fashion trying to make girls grow up so fast? Shorts seem to get shorter every season. Girl skinny pants are so tight. Slogans on graphic T’s can be sassy and too mature. Small bikinis dominate little girl swimwear. We’re not sure at what age any of that becomes appropriate, but it definitely should not be for the pre-teen set. Girls need age-appropriate clothing made for playing, exploring, running, and jumping. Let girls be kids for a good while longer!


Harder Than It Should Be

Finding clothes that do not break any of these rules is quite a challenge (as many of you are painfully aware)! We’ve all seen the blue soccer shirt covered in hearts, the pink Spiderman t-shirt, or the jeans with rhinestones on the pockets, right? Those are close, but just won’t work for the Girls Will Be girl!

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