Our October “Designer of the Month”

We are super excited to introduce our second “Designer of the Month” — Zoe A, age 10. Zoe’s “Be Mighty” design was inspired by her love of TaeKwonDo. She started when she was 5 and will be testing for her black belt this month. Talk about mighty!

The silhouette in this design is of Zoe doing an amazing flying sidekick. We love how her power, focus, and athleticism shine through in this photograph. Starting today, you can get a t-shirt with Zoe’s design for your girl on our website.

zoe - kick and shirt (blog)

Below is a picture of Zoe’s very first day of TaeKwonDo, which came after her mom made her take ballet for a year (ballet was not the right fit because, as Zoe describes it, “I was not that ‘girly'”).  In TaeKwonDo, Zoe has learned to defend herself and do “awesome ninja moves.” Zoe really looks up to Logan Weber, her friend and hero, who represented the USA TaeKwonDo Team at the World Cadet Championships (for 12-14 year olds) this past summer.

zoe - age 5

We loved working with Zoe and want to tell you a little more about this awesome girl. Besides TaeKwonDo, Zoe likes to “do all messy things outside” and play with her dog Sparkles (who her sister named), her puppy Luna, her sister Lexi, and her friend Reagan. Her favorite color used to be yellow, but now it’s orange. When she grows up, Zoe wants to be a movie director and a paleontologist. She thinks Girls Will Be…daring, inventive, determined, and fearless. And we agree!

Zoe is a huge fan of Girls Will Be (just like we are huge fans of her!), and, as these photos show, she has quite a few of our t-shirts and Perfect Play Shorts in her closet.

zoe - gwb clothes

“Designer of the Month” was one of the reward options in our Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, and Zoe believes in our company so much that she told her mom she wanted to give up her 11th birthday party in order to support our campaign. Wow! We are so honored and appreciative.

When we asked Zoe what she likes the most about Girls Will Be, she said that we “make clothes that are not girly and you can DO stuff that is actually fun in them” and “I mostly just wear Girls Will Be clothes because they let me to be comfortable in my own skin doing the things I like to do best.”

Awww…that is exactly why we do what we do — to give girls like Zoe more options that fit their style and interests. And we’re thrilled to be adding Zoe’s “Be Mighty” design as one more option!

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