Our November “Designer of the Month”

We are très excité (that’s French for very excited) to introduce our third “Designer of the Month” — Kelsey J, age 9. Kelsey’s “Awesome Everywhere” design was inspired by her trips this summer to Paris and Copenhagen. Now you can tell the world that “Girls Will Be Awesome” in six different languages (plus English on the back).

Dutch – ontzagwekkend
Finnish- mahtava
French – génial
Portuguese – incrível
German – unglaublich
Italian – impressionante

Kelsey launch - just her

Starting today, you can get a t-shirt with Kelsey’s design for your girl on our website.

Kelsey shared a few photos from her travels (with her sister, Rylan) and told us, “I like when we travel somewhere new. I get inspired by going somewhere new and learning a little bit of the language. We learn how to say at least please and thank you, hello and goodbye, in the languages of the places we visit. So if you like my shirt design – “tak!” :)”

Kelsey in Paris, France – at the Eiffel Tower and a boulangerie (bakery)

Kelsey denmark collage

Kelsey in Copenhagen, Denmark


We loved working with Kelsey and want to tell you a little more about this awesome girl. In addition to traveling to new places, she loves to read, play with friends, play with her sister, take their dogs for walks, swim and do gymnastics. Her favorite colors are sky blue and neon green. When she grows up, Kelsey wants to work at an animal shelter, be a dolphin trainer, or work for Girls Will Be (awwww!). She thinks Girls Will Be…athletic, creative, and PROUD! And we agree!

When we asked Kelsey why she likes Girls Will Be, she said, “It’s for girls like me that don’t feel like being ‘girly girly’ everyday. I think Girls Will Be is really cool and inspiring. It supports whatever you feel like being. There are days I feel like being ‘girly girly’ and days I want to be sporty – we should be able to be whatever we feel like doing.” Yes you should! We are so proud to be a brand that inspires and empowers young girls to be themselves.

“Designer of the Month” was one of the reward options in our Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, and it has been a lot of fun getting to know the girls, what inspires them, and what Girls Will Be means to them. Many of you have asked if we’ll be doing more “Designers of the Month” in 2015, and we’re still not sure. If we decide to do more, we will announce it here, on our Facebook page, and in our email newsletter. So stay tuned!

Given the international appeal of this design, we want to make sure everyone knows that while our website does not currently accept orders shipping outside the US, we would be more than happy to work with you offline to arrange shipping to any country. Just email us at info@girlswillbeHQ.com.


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