How do you select the clothes you recommend on your blog?  
For clothes from other brands, they have to follow our four Girls Will Be Style Rules – colors beyond pink, no embellishments, imagery that breaks gender stereotypes, and styles that let girls be kids. And we focus primarily on the pre-K through elementary school crowd (sizes 4-14). We are not paid or compensated in any way to review items. We just pick clothes that we think the Girls Will Be girl will love.

Where do you find the clothes you recommend?
Anywhere and everywhere! Girl clothes that fit our style rules are incredibly hard to find, as many of you know, so we have to check out a long list of brands to find enough pieces to complete your girl’s wardrobe.

Why don’t you include anything with pink?
While many girls adore pink, the true Girls Will Be girl does not want any pink whatsoever on her clothes (not even the top-stitching or buttons!). And those are the girls we are trying to help! So while there is nothing wrong with pink, we work hard to find options in colors beyond pink.

I found a great shirt (or pants or swimsuit or whatever) we think you’d love. How do I tell you about it?
We’d love to see it! Send us an email at info@girlswillbeHQ.com.

How can I buy the clothes I see on your blog?
For clothes from other brands, you can buy directly from that brand by either using the links in our blog posts or clicking on the images in our Pinterest boards. Please be aware that we do not have the bandwidth to monitor when specific items we write about sell out, so older links may show “sold out” or may appear broken when they are actually just sold out. As you know, clothes at some retailers turn over quickly.

If you like the clothes on our blog, we are pretty sure you will love our line of Girls Will Be clothes – www.girlswillbeHQ.com. And sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about new products, special offers, and other exciting company news.

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