Love The Colors From Crewcuts (Again)

Our top picks from Crewcuts (by J. Crew) new spring arrivals are mainly their basics in a range of fun, bright colors! I love Crewcuts’ simple, modern style and bold use of color, so I always check out their clothes, even though I know almost none of their girls clothes will work for girls like my daughter who are not interested in pink or sparkles or bows. They just love girly embellishments too much! But I do find a few great things every season, even if it means raiding their boys department too.


Did I mention that Crewcuts likes to embellish? Sequins are their favorite again this season. Out of all their new tops for spring, only one t-shirt and one sweater will work for the true Girls Will Be girl.  Good thing we like them!

In their “New Arrivals,” 16 tops have sequins (and LOTS of them), 4 have rhinestones, and 4 have big flowers. That leaves just 2 choices:  their plain tee (but it has an embroidered heart on the hem, and only comes in pink, pink and green stripe, white, or navy), and this one striped shirt. We included their dog shirt here too, despite the tiny pink tutu and tiny rhinestone collar on two of the dogs, because we just love dogs (and your girl might not mind those embellishments)! This cardigan is a nice “dressy” option for those spring days that still have a chill in the air and it comes in a pretty good range of colors (although, full disclosure, it has gold buttons, which might not work for some girls!)

Striped Tee, $29.50 | Dog Tee, $32.50 | Sweater, $42.50 [also in bright green, white, navy, black (and pastel green, pastel purple, and pink)]

We think Crewcut’s bermuda shorts are the perfect length! Not too short, and not too long. And what fun colors! One of the reasons we love Crewcuts is that they typically offer girls a broader range of colors than most brands. Yes, there is pink and lilac, but also so many great brights and neutrals. These just might be our “dressy” shorts this summer! Their classic (meaning NOT skinny or “toothpick”) capri pants come in many of the same colors.

Bermuda shorts, $39.50
[Also in bright blue, light green, a medium green, lilac, white, khaki, and navy (and pink)]


If you are looking for plain T’s in a broader range of colors (and with no embroidered heart!), we suggest checking out the three options in their boys department – crew neck, v-neck, or super soft slub pocket tee. Crewcuts’ boys shirts have a slimmer cut and fit than most brands, so you won’t end up with a huge, oversized, boxy t-shirt. Especially if you do what I do – buy one size smaller. We also love that Crewcuts embraces that “colors are for everyone” by giving boys pink and purple options too!

Boys Crew Neck, $14.50 [also in bright blue, bright or pastel orange, black, navy, and white (and pink)]
Boys V-Neck, $14.50 [also in bright lime, bright blue, black, navy, and white]
Boys Slub Pocket T, $16.50 [also in light blue, blue-green, bright green, bright orange, yellow, grey, and white (and mauve and raspberry!)]

And check out these colorful shorts!  Their boys Bermuda shorts come in three great colors you won’t find in their girls department. The boys version does have a more broken-in look and feel, and a slightly longer inseam, but we think they can work for girls too. They still have a slim silhouette with simple pockets (not the bulky cargo pockets you find on so many over-sized boys shorts). And Crewcuts calls these French terry shorts “required dressing for active boys,” but my daughter and I spend most of our summertime being active so we think they should be required for girls too! While they have a girls version, it borders on being too short (in our opinion). Plus, it has a ruffle-y waistband with a bow and only comes in white, pink, and aqua. I don’t know about your daughter, but mine prefers this version for running around!

Boys Bermuda Shorts, $39.50 [also in berry, cobalt, yellow-green, plum, aqua, navy, khaki, and linen]
Boys Pull-On Knit Shorts, $26.50 [also in navy]

Finally, four boys graphic T’s caught our attention too!  We love the messages of “Un-defeat-able,” “The Best” and “Turn Up the Volume” (because I know some girls who can be pretty loud too!). Great colors and I love the huge exclamation point on the back (it even glows in the dark!).  Then any basketball player would love this tribute to legendary coach Bob Hurley. And we love it because 100% of the proceeds go to the inner-city high school he has led to multiple national championship games – the St. Anthony Friars’ of Jersey City, NJ.


Un-defeat-able, $24.50 | Turn Up The Volume, $32.50 | The Best, $24.50 | Alley Oop, $29.50

Crewcuts offers sizes 2-14.  It is a more expensive brand, but they do have some great sales if you watch for them (be sure to sign up for their emails to hear about the sales). Right now (and almost always) their kids’ clothes all have free shipping with no minimum purchase, and can be easily returned to their adult stores if they don’t work out.

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  1. I love the new clothes that my daughter loves. finally she gets her way of clothes. Thank you Maya!


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